Issue 4/2017

Neuro-Endocine Alterations in Metabolic Syndrome

Issue: 4/2017 Author: Robeva, Ralitsa N., Milcheva, Bojka A., Elenkova, Atanaska P. , Zacharieva, Sabina Z. Clinical Center of Endocrinology and Gerontology, USHATE “Acad. Iv. Penchev”, Medical Faculty, Medical University, Sofia Abstract: An important role of chronic stress for the body energy balance and adipocyte growth has long been assumed, but precise pathophysiological mechanisms are […]

Selenium and Diabetes Mellitus: Significance of Selenium Deficiency for the Presentation and Clinical Course of type 2 Diabetes

Issue: 4/2017 Author: Gorcheva, Dеssislava I., Losanov, Boyan St. Clinic of Internal Diseases, Department of Endocrinology, Adgibadem City Clinic, “Tokuda Hospital Sofia” Abstract: Selenium (Se) is a microelement of fundamental importance to human health as a component of various selenoproteins involved in the essential physiological processes of growth, development, immune defence and endocrine functions. Selenium deficiency […]

Primary Aldosteronism – Modern Concepts in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach

Issue: 4/2017 Author: Rusev, Rosen A., Matrozova, Joanna A., Elenkova, Atanaska P, Zacharieva, Sabina Z. Clinical Center of Endocrinology and Gerontology, Medical University, Sofia Abstract: Primary aldosteronism (PA) is the most common form of endocrine hypertension with a prevalence estimated to be around 8,8%among hypertensive patients. Cross-sectional and prospective studies have shown a prevalence of […]

Comparative Examination of the Electrophysiological Tests Indicators of the Visual Analyzer According to the Type of Newly-Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus

Issue: 4/2017 Author: Mermeklieva, Еlena A.1, Grozeva, Greta G.2, Tomova, Maria G. 2, Solakov, Dimitar D.3, Haralanov, Lyubomir H.3, Tankova, Tzvetalina I.2, Damianov, Vladimir P.4 1 Clinic of Ophthalmology, University Hospital “Aleksandrovska”, Sofia, Bulgaria 2 Clinical center of endocrinology and gerontology, Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria 3 Clinic of Neurology, NHH, Bulgaria, 4 DCC 8, Sofia, […]

Assessment of Metabolic and Hormonal Disturbances in the Different Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Phenotypes

Issue: 4/2017 Author: Nyagolova, Presiyana V.1, Mitkov, Mitko D.2, Koleva, Daniela Iv.1, Orbetzova, Maria M.1, Terzieva, Dora D.3 1 Section/Clinic of Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, “Sv. Georgy” University Hospital Medical Faculty, Medical University, Plovdiv 2 Clinic of Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, University Hospital “Pulmed”, Medical Faculty, Medical University, Plovdiv 3 Central Clinical Laboratory, University Hospital […]

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