Issue 2/2020

The Real-Life Effectiveness and Care Patterns of Diabetes Management Study for the Balkan Region – a Report on the Bulgarian Dataset

Author: Totomirova, Tzvetelina T.1, Arnaudova, Mila V.1, Vladeva, Stefka V.2, Lefterov, Ivaylo N.3, Djurov, Kalin K.4 1. Clinic of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, MMA, Sofia 2. Clinic of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, University Hospital Kaspela, Plovdiv 3. Department of Endocrinology, 5 MHAT, Sofia 4. Merck, Sharp and Dome, Bulgaria Author: Sheytanova, Tanya Z.1, Zarkova, Violeta […]

Assessment of Referent Values of Androgenic Steroids in Urine of Bulgarian Population at 16-30 Years of Age

Author: Sheytanova, Tanya Z.1, Zarkova, Violeta L.1, Orbetzova, Maria M.2, Genchev, Gencho D.3 1. Doping Control Laboratory, Antidoping Centre 2. Clinic of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, “Sveti Georgy” University Hospital, Department of Endocrinology, Medical Faculty, Medical University, Plovdiv 3. Department of Healthcare Economics, Faculty of General Healthcare, Medical University, Sofia Abstract: Androgenic steroids are widely […]

Cardiometabolic Risk in Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – A Single-Center Pilot Study

Author: Belcheva, Milena I.1, Iotova, Violeta M.2, Bocheva, Yana D.3, Balev, Boyan D.4, Kaleva, Valeria I.,1 1. Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology 2. First Pediatric Clinic with DOIL 3. Department of General Medicine and Clinical Laboratory 4. Department of Imaging and Radiotherapy, Varna Medical University Abstract: Aim: The aim of this study was to […]

The Endocannabinoid System – its Role in Metabolism and Fertility

Author: Kabakchieva, Plamenа P., Gateva, Antoaneta T., Kamenov, Zdravko A Department of Endocrinology, Alexandrovska University Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine, Medical University, Sofia Abstract: Endocannabinoids have gained serious interest in recent years, and this has led to an accumulation of quality research data enhancing our knowledge of this multifunctional homeostatic system. Endocannabinoids are bioactive ligands […]

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