БДЕ, 2014г.

Bulgarian Society for Endocrinology 2014

About the Draft Ordinance for defining the package of health activities guaranteed by the budget of the NHIF

I. In Appendix No. 2, Section ENDOCRINOLOGY AND DISEASES OF EXCHANGE, in Art. 1, item 10 also provides “Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland”
1. However, the need to change the scope of the package of specialized outpatient care activities is not justified in the reasons for the project. It is not clear which of the 15 factors stated in the reasons for the regulation leads to the need to change the scope of specialized outpatient medical care.
2. In accordance with the provision of Art. 19, para. 1 and 2 of the Law on Regulatory Acts: “The draftsman of a legislative act carries out an impact assessment of a legislative act…” However, in the present draft no such assessment has been performed, thus violating a basic principle enshrined in the Law on Regulatory Acts – consistency and stability.

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Protest of 370 endocrinologists – members of the BDE
against Appendix 10A of the NFA 2018
(correspondence with the institutions)

State Gazette – Ordinance on the cancellation of free sonography for 1 year.

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