Issue 1/2023

Markers for Early Detection of Renal Impairment in Various Glucose Tolerance Abnormalities

Issue : Salkova, Martina I., Tankova, Tsvetalina I. Department of Endocrinology, Medical University, Sofia Abstract: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that is spreading at pandemic rate worldwide. For this reason, increasing attention is being drawn to its prevention and associated chronic complications. In this regard, prediabetic states, which represent an intermediate stage in the transition […]

Application of a Low-Carbohydrate (ketogenic) Diet in the Treatment of Childhood Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Author: Paskaleva, Ivanka N.1 , Tilov, Boris G2, Kingsly-Godwin, 1 Clinic of Pediatrics, University Hospital “Sv. Georgy” Plovdiv Department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics, MU Plovdiv 2 Medical college, MU Plovdiv,” 3 Medical Faculty, MU Plovdiv” Abstract: In recent decades, the incidence of obesity and metabolic syndrome has risen alarmingly to the proportions of a global […]

Health Related Quality of Life in Metabolically Healthy Obese Women and Female Metabolic Syndrome Patients – Influence of Endocrine Factors

Issue : Robeva, Ralitsa N., Milcheva, Boyka A. Kamenova, Teodora K., Kirilov, Georgi G., Elenkova, Atanaska P., Zacharieva, Sabina S. USHATE “Acad. Iv. Penchev”, Department of Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, Medical University, Sofia Abstract: Aims: Obesity has been associated with multiple physical and psychological disturbances, but not all obese individuals are “equal.” Obese patients with a […]

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