Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – a Good Advantage for the Treatment of Diabetic Foot’s Patients

Issue: 4/2003
Author: H. Bozov, D. Kostov*, Naval Hospital – Varna, Military Medical Academy
Departament of Anesthesiology, Hyperbaric and Intensive Medicine
* Departament of Surgery


A 10-yearly retrospective analysis of treatment by HBO as addition towards conventional treatment for diabetic foot's patients was made. 70 patients were treated, mean age 63, ranging from 47 to 81. 20 patients (29%) had Wagner grade 2 ulcers, 28 patients (40%) had Wagner grade 3 ulcers and 22 patients (31 %) had Wagner grade 4 ulcers. The 70 patients underwent 1320 treatments, mean 18,8 treatments per patient. The patient's status was determined by clinical examination, bacterial culture and Doppler ultrasound. The rate of healing was 69% (48 patients), improvement-23% (16 patients), and no effect 8% (6 patients). The results of our study, suggest that HBO therapy is a good additional treatment modality for the treatment of diabetic foot's patients.

Keywords: diabetic foot, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, treatment, diabetes mellitus.


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